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Please complete your pre-survey

Thank you for registering for the Colgate Connect E1 Toothbrush pilot!

Please follow the next steps of your pilot participation:

  1. Complete your pre-survey by clicking here. (10 mins)
  2. Register for the Colgate ConnectPro dashboard if you have not already done so to view your patients brushing data. Please visit to register. (5 mins)

Once you have completed these two steps, you are officially a Colgate Connect E1 Toothbrush pilot contributor and your patients who register will receive a brush in the mail.

When you have completed your follow up appointments, please come back to finish your post survey.

Please complete your post survey

Welcome back and thank you for participating in the E1 Connected Toothbrush pilot. Complete your post-survey by clicking here. (15 mins)

We wish you and your patients the best for your oral health!

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