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Last Updated:  June 2020

You can earn Smiles points by completing challenges, brushing your teeth or playing games with your Colgate connected toothbrush and the Colgate Connect App. At this time, Smiles points are not available on the Colgate Magik App. To earn Smiles points, you must first create an account on the Colgate Connect App and connect your connected toothbrush to your account. Only valid brushing sessions that are synchronized with the App will be eligible to earn Smiles points. To ensure you earn Smiles points, be sure to synchronize your toothbrush with the App at least once every two weeks because, unless you do this successfully, we cannot credit you with Smiles points. Smiles points can be redeemed for offers ranging from in-app digital content to discounts for Products purchased on the App. To redeem Smiles points, go to the Rewards section of the App and select “Redeem”. For more information on how to earn or redeem Smiles points, see Rewards - Overview. Smiles points expire at the end of the first calendar year beginning after the calendar year during which the Smiles points were accumulated or when you deactivate or otherwise cancel your account. Smiles points may only be redeemed through the Rewards section of the App and cannot be redeemed outside of the App. Smiles points have no fixed or cash value and may not be redeemed for cash. Smiles points are transferable between profiles within the same Colgate Connect account, but are not transferable to another Colgate Connect account. Any transfer or attempt to transfer Smiles points in contravention of these Terms of Service may result in automatic cancellation of your Smiles points. Colgate may, at any time and without notice, change, eliminate, or terminate earning and/or redemption procedures and offerings for Smiles points. Upon redemption of Smiles points, the points will immediately be deducted from your account. When returning or exchanging items purchased using Smiles points, the Smiles points will be credited back to your account. Except with respect to returns and exchanges as described above, once Smiles points are redeemed, they cannot be credited back to the End-User’s account. All returns or exchanges of items purchased using Smiles points are subject to our Return Policy and Warranty.

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